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Why should I use SWIPEBY?

Written by Travis Benoit
Updated 4 months ago

SWIPEBY provides you with a number of features that keep you as a business owner competitive in this ever-changing environment. 

SWIPEBY turns any store into a drive-thru experience. Keep your location open regardless of the circumstance. Get notified when your customer is near (cool technology) AND when they arrive at your location (same cool technology). We provide you with a web ordering solution (online storefront) as well as data on your consumers and re-marketing campaigns to those consumers. We also provide take out as an option as well as pre-ordering (order in advance for a future pickup date). 

SWIPEBY gives you e-commerce with a drive-thru experience in minutes increasing your sales and your revenue with SWIPEBY. Think hyperlocal….

Your target consumer with SWIPEBY?

  • The convenience seeker
  • The price-conscious consumer
  • The COVID-conscious avoider
  • The speedy consumer (in-a-rush)
  • The delivery-fee conscious
  • Pet owners (in-the-car)
  • The family with small children (walk it to the car)

See a list of SWIPEBY features here: https://swipe.by/swipeby-features/

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