Why should I use SWIPEBY?

SWIPEBY can help you stay in the game.
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Consumers are demanding convenience on their terms. Major chains are sinking a ton of money in sophisticated platforms that incorporate the latest tech solutions, including AI. To stay competitive, a smaller operator has to sift through a quagmire of piece-meal options for their online menu, POS, and 3rd party delivery. All of this adds up, so it’s expensive for the small player to deliver the level of convenience their customers increasingly demand.

Plus, the big players have a large staff of experts in departments such as IT and marketing. They also have funding to help them survive through times of economic woes, supply chain disruptions, and staffing issues.

SWIPEBY provides you with a turnkey technology solution with a number of features that keep your business competitive in this ever-changing environment at a cost that is affordable. 

Your target consumer with SWIPEBY?

  • The convenience seeker
  • The price-conscious consumer
  • The speedy consumer (in-a-rush)
  • The delivery-fee conscious
  • Pet owners (in-the-car)
  • The family with small children (walk it to the car)
  • The guest who hasn't returned lately
  • The consumer who loves loyalty program discounts

See a list of SWIPEBY features here: https://swipe.by/swipeby-features/

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