How does the automated guest remarketing work?

SWIPEBY automatically sends re-marketing emails to guests and customers that have not ordered over specific timeframes.
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Updated 10 months ago

The SWIPEBY system automatically handles your re-marketing campaigns. 

How does the re-marketing automation work?

  1. When a customer/guest hasn't order from your store in the last 20-30 days, that customer will be automatically targeted by emails incentivizing them to order again.
  2. Once the customers is inside the re-marketing journey, our system will automatically send them emails until 1) they either unsubscribe or 2) place a order again.
  3. If they place a order again but then don't order for some time, they will be re-entered into the marketing journey.
  4. SWIPEBY uses AI (artificial intelligence) to optimize email send times and content to get the best ROI on each email sent.

-> Visualization of a marketing journey.

How are customers incentivized to re-order?

  • SWIPEBY sends a unique coupon code within an email that is valid for 3 days after the email is received.
  • The general terms of the coupon are: $3 off the next order at your store with a subtotal of over $15. 
  • SWIPEBY covers the cost of all coupons. 

-> Example of a automated email sent with custom place holders for the guest's and your store info.

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