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What is SWIPEBY (swipe.by)?

What is SWIPEBY (swipe.by) the arrival platform?
Written by Travis Benoit
Updated 4 months ago

SWIPEBY can power your off and on-premise business with curbside pickup and geo-fenced arrivals, turning your business into a virtual drive-thru. Web-based ordering and app-based ordering for customers on the go! 

Our mission is to enable any business, primarily restaurants, to compete with large scale drive-thrus (like the McDonalds of the world with resources and money to use any technology stack they want) SWIPEBY is a platform that will put you at the same level of technology to  compete in a monopolized market by the major fast food restaurant chains. We are the arrival platform. We provide you with really cool technology to allow you to know EXACTLY when your consumer arrives using geo-fencing. Ex. Your customer is 1/4 mile away you will get notified and then you can get a notification when they pull into the parking lot. That way you are there with the products, the customer pulls up, you hand them the order, and off they go!

We have a full range of services. First, we make online ordering set up and management super easy for you, as well as friendly and easy ordering for your customer. Our set up is 24-48 hours max, and we do the legwork for you by putting your menu and products together. We walk you through getting the link on your website, social media, and setting up your Google business account, so within a day or two you're getting more customers - which means more revenue. 

Our system is able to collect main points of data for your business and we openly share all of these with you via your dashboard. We use this data to automatically target your customers with special promotions to come back to your store and the best part is that we pay for those promos as our goal is to drive revenue and create loyalty with your customers for you. We will re-market to that consumer and provide a re-targeting email campaign on your behalf.

See all of SWIPEBY's features here: https://swipe.by/swipeby-features/

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