What is SWIPEBY (swipe.by)?

A turnkey solution to keep you competitive.
Updated 1 month ago

SWIPEBY gives independent brick-and-mortar businesses a top-notch platform allowing them to compete in a highly innovative and competitive marketplace. At one level, it is a turnkey solution that offers easy online ordering, delivery, pick-up, re-marketing, review management, loyalty, and customizable geo-fenced arrival notifications. 

We take that up a notch by providing powerful AI-driven business services to automate workflow to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. We turn your e-commerce data into value with virtual AI teams. 

Operators say they want and need sophisticated tech but don’t think they can afford it or figure out how to use it. Our pricing is fair and transparent, our tech is high quality and easy to use, and our customer service team is committed to operator success.

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