How do I use Instagram ordering and marketing?

Instagram ordering and marketing
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You can set up food and other orders on Instagram to give people a way to support your business. When someone taps the Order Food button on your Instagram profile or the Food Orders sticker in your Instagram story, they’ll be directed to your partner’s website to order food delivery or take-out from your business.

If you are not a food related business you can also benefit by Order Now in the same capacity and let the consumer order directly from your images and/or your URL directly in your description. 

How do you add the order button on Instagram?

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Tap Edit Profile.
  3. Under “Public Business Information”, tap Action Buttons.
  4. Under “Select a Button,” choose Order Food.
  5. Select a partner for your business's food orders. ...
  6. Add the website your business uses to link to the food orders service you selected.

Instagram has become the platform of choice for many businesses, as it’s inherently visual and also has the option to post stories that last 24 hours, as well as evergreen feed posts that stay on your page. Social media offers a great chance to pull back the curtain and build relationships with your customers. 

For example, share what food your cooks are preparing, chat with one or two of your staff members or have them record a video of themselves thanking your customers, or on Instagram Stories, consider doing a tour of the pantry or a daily check-in of what you’re cooking that day. 

Again, show your personality and your passion for food: Your customers will love to see your team and hear from you. Doing so creates an emotional connection with your audience and builds loyalty that’ll help you come back post-pandemic. 

It’s good practice to add popular hashtags to your own social media posts so that diners searching for food options can find you — hashtags like your product line i.e. #foodie, #[city]store, and other cool terms. But it’s also a great marketing idea to create a unique hashtag for your business that encapsulates your business and vibe. 

There is also a feature you might want to add to your URL in Instagram that allows you to link multiple websites and your store (i.e. swag, website, web-ordering, reservations, etc.). This service is called Linktree and it is free. Have a look and see if it is a fit for you (recommended).

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