SWIPEBY Phone Answering System

AI Voice Technology, Unlimited Calls & Call to Text deflection
Written by Carl
Updated 3 weeks ago

Your staff should focus on what matters: customers inside your store!

But how much time are they spending on the phone?

The SWIPEBY Phone system allows you:

  • Answer callers in any language in your or any other voice (powered by AI)
  • Respond to callers differently based on the time of the day (e.g. different when you are open vs when you are closed)
  • 100% customizable to your business needs
  • A new number with your area included or port your current number
  • Send callers text messages based on what they are looking for
    • They want to place a order: they get a ordering link straight to the phone they are calling from
    • They want to get directions: they get a maps link straight the phone they are calling from
    • They are looking for a job: they get a hiring form straight to the phone they are calling from
  • Unlimited consecutive incoming calls & text
  • Unlimited call forwards

Try these numbers:

  • Coyo Taco in Miami: (305)539-3735
    Marscotti’s Pizza in Ohio: (330)238-3437

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