Geofencing / Virtual Drive-thru (Curbside)

Geofenced curbside handoff
Updated 1 month ago

When your customer places an order, we use a technology that allows your tablet to track the customer from order to arrival at your location. When the customer enters the geofence (the location that you draw on the map we provide you - i.e. 1/4 mile away or when they enter the parking lot) you will receive a notification on your tablet. This will alert you that your consumer has entered your alert zone (geo-zone) and lets you know on your tablet that the customer arrived outside without the customer calling, texting, or entering your store.

Once your tablet notifies you that the customer is outside, simply walk the order out to them as they wait in their vehicle.

On the tablet, we also let you know details about where the customer is and what vehicle (make and model) they are in.

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