How do I use SWIPEBY with AI remarketing feature?

About our AI-driven programmatic remarketing
Updated 1 month ago

Once you sign up for SWIPEBY's AI-driven remarketing feature, it's easy to start getting reorders from past customers - even those who ordered 20 days before you signed up with SWIPEBY!

 Go to your SWIPEBY dashboard and select Remarketing Manager from the left navigation column. If you don't see this option, reach out to your SWIPEBY customer service contact or, and we'll get you set up. 

Choose the coupon you'd like to add to your remarketing emails. You can also choose NONE if you don't want to offer a discount. You can update this whenever you'd like.


Guests that haven't ordered after a certain number of days are automatically sent a unique email based on their activity with the business, any discounts you've set and other factors. The emails are sent to the guest on a regular basis until they either reorder or about three months have passed. 

Want to know how your remarketing is performing? Just check your dashboard for Email Remarketing Stats. You'll see who received the emails and if or when they reordered. 

There's no upfront work by you: no uploading or maintenance of customer information. 

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