Connecting SWIPEBY & Square POS

It's easy to connect and sync your Square POS with SWIPEBY
Written by Carl
Updated 3 weeks ago

To sync SWIPEBY with your Square POS, SWIPEBY will function as an App sitting on top of Square. To set up that connection, please follow the following steps.

  1. Go to and login with your Square admin account
  2. Click the + on the grey rectangle to add a new App
  3. Name the Application SWIPEBY and press "Next" on the top right
  4. Press "skip" on the top center on the question "What will you build?" and also press "skip" on "Find your audience."
  5. Your Application is created.

Next please send your account exec. the following IDs of the application that you just created:

  1. Click on the top center on Production
  2. Copy and share with us the Production Application ID and the Production Access token (you will have to click the blue "show" text to see and copy the Access token.
  3. Lastly click on the left menu on the OAuth menu point. An copy the Production Application secret.

Next we need the LOCATION ID - to identify the location we are syncing.

  1. Click on the left menu on Locations and Copy the Location ID

Please share with your account executive the FOUR IDs  that we just copied.

  1. Production Application ID
  2. Production Access token
  3. Production Application secret
  4. Location ID

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