Promotional Codes and Coupon Codes

Coupon and promo codes
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Login to your account: and select 'Coupons' on the left hand side of your admin page. There you can create your own promotional codes.

Next click on the top right on "create a new promo code".

You can now define the parameters of your promotional code:

Amount: Define the Amount you want to give off - e.g. $5 off

Validity in days from today: Define the time of the promotion from the time you create the coupon - e.g. Valid the next 5 days

Minimum Cart Value: Define the minimum sub total value a customer need to order to be able to use the coupon - e.g. $20 minimum spent !! Minimum Cart Value needs to larger then Discount Amount. That means we allow $5 off a order of $15 but we won't allow $5 off a order of $5.

Code: Define the code - e.g. 5OFF or THANKS 
!!! we are adding a random 3 digit identifier before every code so the final code you share with customer would look like abc-5OFF or 7sh-THANKS

Only valid for first order: Define if the code can only be used by new customers. These are people that have never place a online order before. - e.g. you create a promotion for people to give your online ordering a try

Use Limit: Define the number of times a unique person can use the code. This will be automatically 1 time if you selected for first time order only - e.g. you could say Use Limit = 2 if your promotion would be $5 off your next two orders over $20.

Once you save, you will see your created codes:

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