AI Automated Review Manager Demo

Video demo of the how to engage with our AI review manager
Written by Carl
Updated 3 weeks ago


  • Get a text for each new review with perfectly crafted reply
  • Don't want to get texts? No problem, you can turn on auto reply and for example have the system automatically answer all 4 and 5 reviews, while you get a text for only the 1-2 star once.
  • All reviews can be also managed via your SWIPEBY Dashboard.

How does it work:

  1. Our system picks up any new review of your business on Google.
  2. We automatically draft a perfect reply to that review.
  3. You get a text message with the new review & the suggested reply.
  4. You can via text suggest a edit to the original reply or just post the review answer as a "reply by the owner" on your google business profile.
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