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Does SWIPEBY offer commission-free third-party delivery?

Commission-free third-party delivery with SWIPEBY
Written by Travis Benoit
Updated 1 month ago

Yes, SWIPEBY truly is commission-free — and no, there’s no catch. We charge a small flat fixed fee of $0.99 per order that doesn’t increase with the order size. This means that SWIPEBY users will now pay a low flat fixed fee per delivery order, regardless of order size and regardless of distance.

You’ll now be able to utilize several leading delivery couriers throughout the country. So you’ll no longer be at the mercy of a single provider. You’re protecting your margins while saying goodbye to paying a 30% commission per delivery order! Additionally, you maintain all of your customer data and information for future use and remarketing. 


  1. Go to 'Store Settings' in your dashboard
  2. Check the box 'Delivery' 
  3. Hit 'Save'

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