How does curbside (virtual drive-thru) work?

SWIPEBY curbside or virtual 'drive-thru' model
Written by Travis
Updated 7 months ago

Your guest will arrive outside of your store, and your staff will be notified when the consumer enters your chosen geo-locations (parking lot and in front of the store). The consumer's location is tracked from purchase through arrival so that SWIPEBY can alert you on your tablet that the guest arrived outside. The customer will not need to call, text, or come in to your store. 

Once your tablet notifies that the guest is outside, simply bring the order to the customer as they will be out in front of your store and hand it to them. On the tablet, we also let you know details about where the guest is and what vehicle they drive.

If the order isn't ready upon arrival of the guest, you can send a notification to them that their order will be ready shortly.

In summary - when your customer arrives, you will be notified on your tablet. Simply walk the product to the car and hand it over. We will supply you with all the relevant identifiers (car make and model). 

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