How does curbside (virtual drive-thru) work?

SWIPEBY curbside or virtual 'drive-thru' model
Written by Travis
Updated 1 month ago

The customer's location is tracked when they enter your geo-fenced area, so you will be alerted when they arrive. Your staff will receive an alert on your tablet when the guest arrives so you won't get calls or texts. 

Your tablet notifies your staff that the guest is outside, where they have parked and the details of their car so someone can take the order out to them. 

Two important things you can do in advance to make it a seamless experience for your staff and your customers:

1) Set up your custom geo-fenced area. You can find a video tutorial of how to do that here:

2) Create custom messages on the SWIPEBY dashboard that are delivered throughout the ordering and pickup experience. 

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