What is the difference between curbside and pickup?

Curbside versus pickup
Written by Travis
Updated 2 years ago

SWIPEBY offers a feature that allows for curbside pickup as well as pickup (in-store). 

The difference between curbside and pickup are relatively simple. Curbside you stay in your car and pickup you go in to the store and pick it up from the register or specified location. 

For a curbside order, you never leave your car. When you arrive at the store or restaurant, the staff will walk your order out to your car and can simply hand it to you through the car window. You can even pop the trunk and the staff can place your order there. Think of this as a drive-thru experience. 

For a pickup option, you would physically walk up to the pickup window (if available), or enter the store and walk over to the specified location to physically pick up your order. 

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