How will the restaurant or store know when I arrive?

SWIPEBY uses geo-fencing technology and SMS to alert the store of arrival.
Written by Travis
Updated 2 years ago

If you ordered via the SWIPEBY app or via a web ordering website and are also logged into the SWIPEBY app, we track your phone during the active order. Once you arrive at the store, we send you a push notification letting you know that you arrived and that we have informed the store staff of your arrival. They will then walk your products out to you while you wait in your vehicle

If you placed an order via web order and are not logged in to the SWIPEBY app, you will/should have received a text message with a link to click once you arrive at the store. Just click the link in the text and press the 'I am here.' button. The store staff will be notified of your arrival and bring out your products to you while you wait in your vehicle.

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