How does the drive-thru curbside feature work - Customer?

SWIPEBY Customer Drive-thru explanation
Written by Travis
Updated 2 years ago

When you place an order via the SWIPEBY app, we use a fancy word called geo-fencing that tracks your location until you enter a specified zone. Once you enter that zone, the vendor (store) is automatically notified of your arrival and they will come out with your products. You don't have to leave your car and the staff will bring your order to your car. 

If you order via the web ordering (website) option as opposed to the SWIPEBY app, the same drive up and wait in your car concept applies. The only difference is that you will click the button 'I am here.' via an SMS/Text message that we will send to you. This will notify the staff and they will bring your order out to you while you wait in your car. 

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